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Umbria Jazz 2019
July 12th/21st, Perugia

Umbria Jazz is a jazz music festival which takes place every year in Perugia, during the month of July. It is an event that cannot be missed not only for all those who love jazz music, but also for those who love music in general. Each year, in fact, Perugia brings together artists of very high calibre, both of national and international fame. Each edition attracts many tourists to Perugia and requires advanced booking and finding accommodation as early as possible.

From the moment of its birth in 1973, Umbria Jazz was clearly different from the other Italian jazz festivals. While jazz was usually to be heard in small clubs and occasionally in theatres and concert halls, Umbria Jazz took the music into the historic town squares of Umbria to audiences of up to twenty thousand young people, and every concert was free. The music of the New World was performed in the setting of Umbria’s medieval towns and spectacular scenery, and it was this unusual combination which gave the Festival its special appeal. Big names like Coleman, Blankey, Dizzy Gillespie, Sam Rivers, Sting,  Leonard Cohen, Mark Knopfler, Herbie Hanckok, Enrico Rava and many others have marked the history of this great moment has become after 40 years, a point of reference for the whole musical world.
Today Umbria Jazz is a name that is known and respected all over the world, an important stage in the career of any artist, and a point of reference in the world of music and music festivals.

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