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Spello Decking of Flowers 2022
June 18th/19th



Infiorate di Spello



Event, music and entertainments.
The stars of the menus are flower dishes.
How to cook flower dishes classes.

The 'Infiorata' is a traditional art made by the union of millions of petals creating pictures of the Holy Bible, the XVI century or of the modern art. This tradition is known also in other towns, but in Spello it is more common. People work during the night to make these images in preparation for the 'Corpus Domini' procession that is on Sunday morning.
Behind the tradition there is a long and hard work that requires days, weeks or even months because people have to found petals to use to prepare these pictures.

The four main phases to prepare the 'Infiorata' are: the search for petals, their cleaning, their selection and their conservation. Every season people search for different types of flowers from the Subasio mountain to the Umbria-Marche Apennines.
At the end of the preparation, approximately at 9 am streets are covered by flower carpets and pictures. This is a wonderful show, an ephemeral art.
During the night between Saturday and Sunday, approximately 2 km of the roads of Spello are filled with colours, perfumes and emotions: a magical night dedicated to flowers.

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