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Open Wineries Umbria 2020
May 28th/29st

Cantine Aperte ('Open Cellars') is the most important wine event of the year, involving wine as the main protagonist together with the people who produce it and the territory where it is made.

Cantine aperte is a unique opportunity for wine lovers to visit the wine cellars of Umbria. It is a big event in the region, happening for only one day each year. This year the wine producers, big and small, throw open their cellars to visitors on the 26th of May. During the day there are tours of the vineyards and cellars, ending with wine tasting of all the classic Umbrian wines of the area.
This special event captures the interest of wine lovers from all over the world, as well as local residents who also enjoy this cultural and culinary experience.

Open Cellars has over time become a philosophy, a way of travel and discovery of the territories of Italian wine. In addition to the opportunity to taste wines and purchase directly in the company, you can get into the cellars to discover the secrets of wine making and refining.
Don’t miss the opportunity and get the real feel of this territory by staying in wonderful countryside resorts surrounded by breathtaking views – farmhouses, historic villas or castles - tasting the real typical specialties as well as wine excellences on site. 

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