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Rafting in Umbria

1 or 2 hours-long trip

Rafting trips in Umbria on the Corno river, between Norcia and Cascia, lasting 1 or 2 hours.

How it works
Rafting is an exciting team sport suitable for everyone, which consists in sailing down the river in an inflatable raft. Each team, composed of 1 to 6 people (depending on the flow rate ) rows the raft with paddles. You will be guided by an expert rafting instructor. You will be part of the team and a key participant in the rafting.

Once you reach the Rafting Center:
- You will put on the diving-suit and the necessary equipment
- Before boarding we will give a short 10 minute safety briefing that demonstrates how to rows the raft with paddles following the guide instructions during the descent.
- The rafting trip begins. On each raft (a maximum of 6 people each) our guide will instruct the team on how to use the paddles and sail across the rapids.
- During the descent, where possible, you can dive and have a swim.
- Those who have chosen to include the adventure park will start the aerial forest adventure with zip lines and bridges between tree platforms made of rope and cable.
- Finally we will take you back to the Rafting Center by bus.


  Adults Children
1 hour-long trip € 25 € 20
2 hours-long trip € 35 € 25
long trip + adventure park € 50 € 40

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