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Fontignano a Tavola
July 27th731th Fontignano (Perugia)

During this Festival you will eat Umbrian products, such as ‘mbrecciata fontignanese (soup with local legumes), umbricelli (pasta) with duck sauce, pappardelle (pasta) with hare sauce, grilled duck and lamb, fryed lamb, fryed onions… But the real star of the event is the Torcolo of Fontignano (a local sweet)!
There are also other sweets, such as the Zuppa inglese, the Pandolce delle Fonti, the Torcolo del Perugino and the Primavera a Perugia.
Of course you will also find good local wines to drink.
This foods and drinks will be served in ceramic plates and glasses. This ceramic is from Deruta!

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