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Bettona Pea

The strong suit of Bettona are its ancient and mighty city walls because they protected both ancient stone buildings and the cultivation of a local pod that seems to be disappeared in the first Seventies. But thanks to the country's garden and to the perseverance of some local women, these pods still exist.

The production of these pods is hand made. The plant climbs until 2 metres and some wood branches are used to help them during their growth, as required by the ancient tradition. The sowing is done during the first week of November, while the harvesting is done in May. The flowers are white and have 5 petals, while the pod is light green and contains 5 or 7 peas in it.
The pod has a green and soft skin and a sweet and distinct taste. Moreover it can be used in a lot of recipes: handmade tagliatelle or pasta with broth, or it can be used as a side dish.

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