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Canalicchio torchlight procession
1st May 2022

This torchlight procession is an ancient pagan tradition celebrated every year the 1st May.
This procession symbolize the passage from the young condition to the adult one.
The torchs are obteined after an hard work: from the first days of April people demolish the truncks and then these trucks are manually operated. The torchs could be of 60-70 kilos each.
This rite is linked to the Saint Anastasio (bishop of Alessandria d’Egitto) celebration because this town was part of the Byzantine reign.
The 1st May afternoon the torchs are exposed in the town square and during the evening are lighted and transported from the town centre to the Saint Fortunato cathedral.
At the end of the day you can eat local dishes, as the “torcolo” and drink local wines.

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