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The truffle is a finest, aphrodisiac and tempting food loved by the gourmets all over the world. In Umbria there are a lot of types of truffle, from the well-known white truffle to the black one of Norcia and Spoleto, to the scorzone truffle and the bianchetto truffle that are less known but equally tasty. The truffle has an intense smell and it can be used in a lot of recipes: it is perfect for pasta, meat (especially the lamb meat), potatoes gnocchi, eggs, cheese, fish and in the extravirgin olive oil. It matches very well with a full-bodied and with an high alchool content red wine.

This food was glorified by a lot of writers and sung by numerous poets. Cicero said that it was 'il figlio della Terra' (the son of the Earth) and Pliny said that it was 'il massimo miracolo della Natura' (the greatest miracle of the Nature). In reality it grows under the ground in symbiosis with its plant.

The black truffle represents Umbria because it is its symbol. The truffles grow in Umbria thanks to its land and the huge variety of its woods. Umbria is the perfect place for people who want to taste “the star of the Umbrian menus”!

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