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Subasio Pecorino Cheese

The Pecorino Cheese from the Subasio mountain has a pungent and distinct taste. It can be tasted alone, on a slice of bread, or with fava beans. It perfectly matches with smooth red wines. There are three different types of it: the Pecorino Cheese from the Subasio mountain, the aged Pecorino Cheese from the Subasio mountain and the Canestrato Pecorino Cheese from the Subasio mountain.
The production of this cheese began in 1948 on the slopes of the Subasion mountain. Before that, near Assisi, there were only small producers who produced the cheese only for a family consuption. But from the Sixties a society created the brand “Subasio” and the production of these excellent cheeses began.
During the last years the Pecorino Cheese from the Subasio mountain gained a lot of awards both at national and international level.
The pasteurized milk achieve a temperature of 36-37°C, then rennet and milky enzymes are added to it. After 10 minutes happens the rennet breaking and then it is put into the moulds. Later the serum draining the product is put in the brine vats for 12-48 hours. Then it has to be put in the cooling room for 60 days to achieve a temperature of 4-5°C, but if you want to obtein a matured product or a product for grating, this one has to be put in spaces of 7-8°C for 8 months. The shapes of the cheese could weigh from 1.7 to 6 kilos. Depending on the aging of the product you can obtein a fresher and smoothy product or a hard and tasty one, that is a bit pungent.

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