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Cascia Saffron

The saffron of Cascia is a product of the highest prestige, rediscovered merely some years ago after a century of oblivion, and revived by a small group of courageous farmers. Today, the zaffarame is an authentic business, in accordance with what was the value of spices in medieval times, when it was more often considered to be the equivalent of gold as a commodity.
It takes almost two hundred flowers to obtain a single gram of saffron stems, a fact that helps us understand why in ancient times saffron was equated to gold (not far from the truth, even today).

The Market Exhibition of the Saffron of Cascia is held in the period immediately following the blooming of the plant, which blooms later than others in the season, reaching its peak over the course of three weeks. The cost of the spice, in addition to its intrinsic value, is due to the considerable amount of labour that goes into producing it. The harvest is performed exclusively by hand in the early hours of the day, before the flowers open, in order to keep its most precious parts clean, which are the stems and the pistils. These parts will later be toasted for approximately 20 minutes until they can be literally pulverized between the fingers.

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