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This traditional dish is cooked during the Christmas time. It is a type of pasta invented in the past to use the stale bread. This dish is traditional especially in the province of Perugia. In the past, to prepare them, was used an istrument called “ferro” that was similar to a potato masher to form the “Passatelli”. Today you can use a potato masher.

The ingredients are simple and common but they make this dish unique. These are: the grated cheese, bread crumbs and eggs. It is flavoured by aromas as lemon and nutmeg.

- 6 eggs
- 150 grams of bread crumbs
- 50 grams of grated seasoned cheese (Pecorino or Parmesan)
- lemon grated skin
- nutmeg
- broth

1. Beat the eggs and add the lemon greated skin, the bread crumbs, the cheese and the nutmeg until it becomes a soft dough.
2. Boil the broth and do the “Passatelli” with the potato masher.
3. Add them to the broth.
4. Prepare the dish and serve it.

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