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Strangozzi with Black Truffle

This is a typical first-course dish that can be dressed with ingredients expressing the pasta’s humble, deeply rooted origins. Strangozzi have to be cooked in boiling salt water, taking care of not stirring for the first 2 or 3 minutes of cooking, other wise you risk to break the skeins. The ingredients are worked by hand on a wooden pastry table, which has a large surface.

The name "strangozzi" is believed to come from the word "stringhe". Legend has it that during the rule of the Papal States, the anti-clericals in Umbria would take post in strategic locations and wait for priests to pass by. When a priest would come, the criminal would take his shoestrings and strangle the priest. Therefore, the name appears to result from a combination of the words "stringa" and "strangolare" (to strangle).

Ingredients for 4 persons:
- 300 gr of flour
- about half glass of lukewarm water
- a pinch of salt
For the dressing:
- 3 spoons of extra virgin olive oil
- 1 salt-cured boned anchovy
- 2 gloves of garlic
- 50 gr of Norcia black Truffle

Sift the flour on a wooden pastry board, make a well and put a pinch of salt and the water in the middle. Energetically knead until the dough is smooth. After, make a ball and let it stand for 30 minutes, wrapping it in the plastic wrap. Roll out the dough to about 2 mm thick and cut into tagliatelle of about 3 mm.
Sauté the anchovy in a pan with the oil and garlic. After the garlic is browned, remove it from the pan, and turn off the heat, then add the truffles. Remove the Strangozzi when they are al dente, after about 12 to 14 minutes. Drain and pour them into the pan with the truffles. Turn the heat on for only a few minutes, just the time to mix all the ingredients together.

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