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They are fried sweets, rounded or lenghtened, soaked with alkermes or sprinkled with honey or sugar, typical of the Carnival time. They are irrugular shaped and have variable size, depending on the different areas of the Region: from a walnut size to a potato one.

- 4 eggs
- 4 spoons of sugar
- 4 spoons of extravirgin olive oil
- flour as required
- grated rind of a lemon
- 4 spoon of mistrà (sort of local anisette) or rum
- honey
- fry oil

On a wood pastry board, knead flour, eggs, sugar, extravirgin olive oil, spirits and the lemon rind. Let it stand in a covered bowl for one hour. Then, pour the dough with a spoon in hot oil, but not boiling. The original recipe doesn't contain yeast and strufoli have to rise into the pan with a slow and constant movement of the frying oil. When they are swollen and golden, drain the oil and put them on an absorbing paper. Sprinkle them with alkermes and/or with warm honey.
According to this recipe, strufoli are best if eaten within a day, because without yeast they tend to become harder. Today, most people adds a sachet of yeast: in this case, they surely result well but change both in size and consistency, becoming rounder and softer.

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