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It is a sort of fried pizza, typical of ancient feast days, today pleasing snack or fanciful daily breakfast. The name comes from the need to turn upside down ("arvoltare", in local dialect) the batter, to fry both sides.

- 4 spoons of flour
- 3 spoons of extra virgin olive oil
- oilseed for frying
- water, as required
- salt or sugar, to taste


Make a soft batter with water, flour and olive oil. Warm up the oilseed in a pan and pour it the batter with a ladle, forming a fritter that is going to swell. Turn it upside down, make it golden on both sides and drain the oil putting it over a blotting paper. Serve the arvoltolo hot, after having sprinkled it with sugar or honey and some drops of alkermes.
If you prefer the salt version, sprinkle with a pinch of salt. Arvoltoli are also ideal with cold cuts, above all with ham.

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