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Broiled Stockdove 'alla Todina'

- 1 Stockdove
- 1 litre of red wine
- 15 dry black olives
- 2 cloves of garlic
- 6 leaves of sage
- 1 pinch of salt
- 1 lemon rind
- half glass of extra virgin olive oil
- some grains of pepper
- 2 rosemary branches

Possible further ingredients:
- 1 spoon of capers
- 80 gr of ham
- 1 anchovy
- juniper berries

Accurately wash the stockdove and, without eviscerate it, remove head, neck, wings extremities and feets, putting these parts in a earthenware saucepan. For the gravy, add sage, rosemary, grains of black pepper, garlic, lemon rind, extra
virgin olive oil and am abundant dose of red wine. Capers, olives, juniper berries, the anchovy, chopped ham, chicken livers, white wine and coarse salt are, instead, optional.
With different doses and ingredients, cook at high fire for a couple of hours; the semi liquid mixture should be reduced of one third. Filter it twice or three times and pour it into the dripping pan, the rectangular pan below the spit. There, from skewered oiled and salted stockdoves, tasty drops fall down adding flavour to the already rich gravy.
Sometimes, brush the meat with rosemary, before immersed in the gravy. Let cook for 20-25 minutes: the stockdove must be well cooked outside but still rare inside.
Serve on a pottery plate, pouring the gravy over the meat.

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