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The Italian Confederation agriculturists (Cia) is a lay and independent organization from parties and the governments. Work in Italy, Europe and to international level for the progress of agriculture and the defence of the yields and the equal dignity of the agriculturists in the society.
In Umbria the Cia operates with 18 territorial offices and 5 territorial center.
The activities of technical and managerial attendance are carried out taking advantage itself of own specialized structures for the interventions in several fields: the A.G.I.A., Association Young Agricultural Businessman; Green tourism takes care of rural tourism and the farm holidays; the Caf Cia carries out the own activity through one regional center and 23 territorial centers; it is a authorized Center for Tax Assistance; the offices of Patronato INAC are to disposition of the Citizens and the independent workers and dependent to protect their rights and to contribute to the development of the social legislation; the CIPA-AT, Center for the Agricultural Professional Instruction and the Technical Assistance, are the institute of the Cia specialized in the formation, advising of company and spreading of the innovation in agriculture; the Association Women in Field means to value the feminine engagement to characterize and to innovate agriculture.


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