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In 1987 was born the manifestation "Scultori to Brufa".
It is a deep, alive and intense encounter, that it proposes a direct relationship of the artist with the inhabitants, with their history and experience. It is in all that the originality and the force of a cultural event like "Scultori to Brufa", a place designed from the sage hand of the man, from the heritage of  knowledge and ancient tradition, but also from the incessant need to change, to transform and to improve.
The initiative is organized from: Municipality of Torgiano, Province of Perugia and Pro Loco of Brufa. "the Road of the Wine and the Art", is a route of contemporary sculptures of famous artists, that crown one of more laughing landscapes of  the Italy and a hills more important of the world about oenology. From years the hill of Brufa, is a little town of Torgiano, place of election for the cultivation of the screw, is realizing an artistic experience very original and modern, that it emphasizes a link between the sculpture and the landscape, celebrating the wine like element of continuity with the traditional culture. the relationship between plastic art and nature is a topic really complex, that it assumes ambitious features if  we refer to a space in which dominate the signs of the incessant activity of the man-agriculturist who, taking part from protagonist has moulded the landscape.
The sculptures that every year are placed, in permanent way, on this hill of theTorgiano’s territory, want to be the testimony of the encounter of the art with the natural environment  and with the men who have moulded and continue to transform it. 



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