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"To make Company" in agriculture, heading at innovation, technological and agro-economic  search, alimentary emergency, widespread quality: Confagricoltura works for the development of the Italian agriculture, a fundamental field of the national economy, a source of benefit for the community, for the envirnment and the territory.
For this Confagricoltura believes in the companies that they cast on the market. It believes in the free initiative, tenacity, collective effort and entrepreneurial creativity. The agricultural companies are a value, a resource for the economy and for the Country System.


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Confagricoltura Umbria

  • Address: Via Luigi Catanelli, 70 - 06135 - Ponte San Giovanni (PG)
  • Phone: +39 075 597071
  • Fax: +39 075 5970740
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    Opening hours: from Monday to Friday 8,30/13,30 a.m. and 15,30/18,00 p.m.
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